What is a CRB though?

15th Feb, 2018

Was moonwalking across the TL and something grabbed us. The conversations on CRB! SO twisted. Mara wrong listing, mara extended listing, mara conspiracy theories on how it works, mara ‘what is a CRB?’ (also, utajua haujui, lol!)… Put down your defences and read on. Again, we cannot make up how much of a mess it is. As your KCBae we defo owe it to yuh to break it down into sizeable chunks that you can bite. KDF aside.


Let’s start from the very beginning, shall we? A CRB is a firm that contacts an array of credible sources to create a kah-hub of sorts where your credit info is held for other providers’ use. So everything from your borrowing to repaying tuhabits – which are then availed to relevant parties; with a good example being banks and other microfinance service providers.

This way, we’re able to assess your credit history so we know your repaying habits. It’s a jungle out here. Meet us halfway. So you get the loan and we don’t suffer bad debt. Banks are not the bad guys. Ata wewe you wouldn’t like to lend someone some chumz then end up unable to buy tokens simply because they didn’t come through, ama?

Think of it this way:

Person A: si you okolea me a kaloan of 3K hivi. I’ll repay on sato.

Person B: Acha I get back to you coz the 3 ngwanyez I have were to work for me so I make a little extra.

Person A: No worries. I’ll even throw in something small on Sato.

Later on (read in Spongebob voice)

Person B: Eh, Person A was asking me for a loan and I’m tight. Idk kama nita-make.

Person C: Person A is tricks. You could end up waiting till next month my guy. The number of times we sumbuanad…

We would ask ‘what would Jesus do?’ but if you were Person B, what would you have done?

Granted you will receive a 1 month notice prior to the listing; take control of your credit rating by repaying your loans mapema. Tusisumbuane pris.

The math is simple:

Borrow x Repay Early = Increase your Loan Limit

Borrow x Late Repayment = CRB listing for 5years > all your immediate financial constraints coz it affects your long term.

On that note, the most affordable mobile loans zinapeanwa pale KCB M-PESA.

Ok, we’ll show ourselves out ?

Share this with your notorious defaulter friend.


Over & Out,
The Witty Banker.

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