When Preparedness Meets Chance…

2nd Mar, 2018

Bet you’ve all seen this hilarious piece on what it’s like to interview a millennial today. Lakini wametuonea kidogo. Hakuna Siri for Infinix nani ?

Let’s have some kidogo real talk for a bit here, aye? Have you ever tried hooking someone up with a job and they just angushad you? Sijui their email address reads janeulemxwitext@gmail.com;mara their previous work experience ni ‘President of the Home Science Club’;hobbies mara mob huwa ‘dancing’, ‘listening to music’ etc. Nothing wrong with those but WHAT IS YOUR EMPLOYER SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THAT INFORMATION???

One of my friends took to FB to vent his frustrations on how a youngin was trying to get jobo from his connects and the kid was all ‘oh, send them my CV.’ You’d think they were to later split that salo.

The truth is, we spend the latter years of our schooling lives in the oven waiting to be presented at the table of job hunting but in between cementing our social identities, walking in hoards and all the confusion that is adolescence, who has any attention left to pay to CV writing and personal branding?

So we’ll do you a solid. Here it is, your refresher course on ‘How to apply for KCB Lions’ Den’.

First things first. You can apply online via https://www.kcb2jiajiri.com/lions-den/ or you can pick up an application form at your nearest KCB branch pale base. Isn’t it great that the application forms are literally following you around?

Seriously, this is one easy application to fill out! Just check the one for applying for your passport then come back here. Now if you’ll let me take you through the main entities:

Personal deets – you know, the sort of stuff that ‘lets us know you are not a robot’ (get it?). It also lets us in on who we are talking to and how to reach them. Sanasana utapigiwa only if you make it past the vetting process. Nyinyi wengine pigianeni simu.

I’m kidding ??. No really. Now you’re confused.

Next we’ll (obviously) need your business deets. Y’know, the kawaida things like your target market, kabusiness model pale, profits kama you’re already an existing biz, projections if you have an idea/concept plus any patent, copyright and trademark protection detail.

The other deets would be on your availability to shoot, inspection of your biz kidogo. The deets on how you would appear on the show.

Lastly, we know ‘Terms and Conditions’ are like those leaflets you toss out of the window when you crack open prescription medicine. But you do not want to treat them like so when you are making your case to appear on Kenya’s top entrepreneurial TV show; that will allow you to pitch to moneyed head honchos; who are potentially the big break your business craves! Read the Terms and Conditions and take your time at that!

As in I cannot fully drum up how simple it is to apply for an opportunity like this.

Let me draw your attention to the business deets I mentioned up there ?. You will want to do your research ndio usiende kuandika story mob pale nani. Get acquainted with business terms like ‘validation’,  ‘equity’, ‘stake’, ‘projections’, ‘business model’, ‘patent’, ‘copyright’, ‘trademark’ etc.

Be bold; dream big and take that leap to apply with faith and confidence kama ya huyo msee hapo chini, remember him? ? ?

Tupatane pale Den.


All the best!


Over & Out,
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