Who Can Imagine a Life without Technology?

31st Jan, 2017

About a decade ago, or less, the only electronics that existed were our precious TV sets, radios and maybe the odd VCR. Unlike in present times, these devices would only be turned on during prime time when there was news, and during special musical shows such as Sundowner listened to by our parents.

Fast forward to a household in suburban Nairobi which has all modern devices the market can offer. Multitasking has been given a different meaning these days seeing that we have all mastered the art of scrolling our phones, watching a show on the television and listening to music on our headphones.

How this is possible is yet to be scientifically proven. Children now as young as 9 years old cannot imagine a life without an internet connection. They have top of the range smartphones and even by the age of 5 some of them are able to maneuver easily through these operating systems that still puzzle our own parents.

So what do these two scenarios illustrate? Technology is definitely here to stay.

The Matrix, Terminator, Iron Man, Transformers and all the other techy movies that knocked off our socks were a true prediction of the future.

We are already there actually, for instance let’s picture how life was before Mpesa? Who can remember how or how long it took to send money to your relatives before Mpesa came into play?

This reality is what Brett King, famous author, radio presenter, banker and renowned Fintech expert came to reiterate in Kenya. Financial Technology is the ultimate future and the sooner financial institutions get to realize this, the better.

Consumer behavior already dictates that we want to exert less pressure in performing various tasks for certain reasons and to meet this need, banks and other service providers will be required to think along these lines.

Brett describes it in one of his best-selling books: Bank 3.0 – Banking needs to become something you do as opposed to somewhere you go.

We have a secret for our loyal readers though. Watch this space, KCB is taking the banking industry by storm.

Speaking of which, have you downloaded the best banking app in the history of banking? (also read as KCB App)  If not… What are you waiting for?

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