Why I Bank with KCBae

10th May, 2019

Hi guys! Mmenimiss? I’m back with my weekly dose of banter and kidogo knowledge. I have to make sure you guys don’t think my job description is the office joker (tulishapea Sos hiyo kazi LOL) but you guys think I’m funny right? Anyone? No? Okay, J Nawapenda bado.

The first ever time I thought of opening a bank account, I didn’t really think I needed one mostly because I didn’t know what the benefits of having one was. Funny enough, the first bank I ever banked with was KCB which I have to date, funny how things panned out: D . I remember being hyped up by one of the choppies in my campo class to go to the nearest KCB bank and just open a kawaida account to keep the money. So, my friends and I dressed up and made our way to the bank. They really thought we were heathens venye tulininiga na makelele, but you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

Some  guys never used their accounts again, but I definitely did, (BTW, I have been #TeamKCBae for a minute, no wonder I ended up working here) because, adulting. Plus, I felt like I needed to be more responsible with my allowance for food and fare. I was really making my mom proud (which would have quickly faded if she knew I was doing this during class time SMH). Looking back, I’m really happy about that step I took because there’s a lot I carried with me to date.

In campus, all we knew about banks was the fact that they kept your money safe, allowed you to save, and issued you with a Debit card so you could finally be a real adult. With the Debit card, I didn’t have to carry around money in my wallet. (Unajua tulikwa tunaishi Buru and these pick pockets really terrorized my life. Unaibiwa pesa alafu inabidi utembee tao mpaka home, surely that wasn’t my portion.) The card helped a lot because I went cashless, and was able to swipe when shopping or when I was out with friends. And on the days I needed cash, sikukosa ATMs.  On days when I forgot my card, I was able to access my money through mobile or internet banking.  Depositing cash that I had in hand was also very easy, because I was able to deposit cash at the ATMs (Imagine guys)

Being a KCBae customer made me feel at home as they were (still are) a welcoming bank – yaani they allowed a humble student like me to open an account with the 2000 Bob I had at a time when some banks (sitajimajina) were asking for reference letters – ni bank account ulikua unafungua ama job ulikua unatafuta?

Speaking from experience, and not maybe kidogo bias, I invite you to give the KCB Current Account a try. Maybe ukicome I’ll be there nikupee a few more reasons why we are the best bank? I mean, it’s what I’m good at. Till then wadau.


Over and out,

Witty Banker.

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