Why you shouldn’t be an entrepreneur

12th Oct, 2017

The ‘celebritization” of entrepreneurs has been headlining the media, entertainment and business in the recent years; it seems almost like they are creating an obsession, prompting us to pursue our ‘passion’ or be self-employed so as to achieve fulfillment. What we fail to talk about though is the fact that not everyone has a knack for entrepreneurship.

There is no doubt that millennials are enthralled by the technology boom and superseding perception that being an entrepreneur is as easy as 1-2-3. The major concern is that there is a disparity between the expectation and reality and it is having severe repercussions on the individual and the economy.

According to Forbes, nine out of ten startups will fail. However, this is not about discouraging you, but to help you make wiser decisions with your time and resources. You may not be suited for this lifestyle but it doesn’t mean that you cannot invest in other meaningful and fruitful ventures. With KCB Capital, a financial consultant will be able to provide strategic advice and alternative financing solutions.

Being an entrepreneur means that you are willing to make sacrifices that you are probably not psychologically prepared for such as your social life, relationships, and hobbies – just to name a few. Sure, we are all able to pull an all-nighter here and there, but are we ready to spend years forgoing holidays, turning down invitations and missing out on quality family time?

Also, is it really worth committing years of your life to something only to fail? We need to sit down and evaluate on whether you can handle a start-up and if it is worth compromising your happiness. Deliberate on this matter through a self-reflection and don’t be shy to seek assistance. If you understand your own emotional endurance and motivations, then it will be easier for you to set goals and stick to it.


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