Witty Banker takes Dubai

6th Apr, 2018

My Chem teacher used to say blogging ni upus. And yet, here we are! I’m starting to lose track of when I’m supposed to go where. We thank God.

I’ve always wanted to carelessly litter my Instagram and Facebook profiles with photos of me… knee-deep in sand… holding a certain energy drink that rhymes with ‘bedroom’… in a casual white tee… plaid shorts… accessorized with a breezy Kaffiyeh (zenye mlikuwa mnaita ‘Arafat’ )… that goes oh so well with some shades I bought pale Uhuru Highway on a Sunday morning after shenanigans I would rather not say.

Oh and I must have a dune buggy or a quad bike (or both) loitering and idling huko in the background. What’s a desert safari if I don’t go the whole stretch, right?

While I’ll be out there living my best life… tagging all my locations ‘Jumeira Hotels’, the KCB Diaspora team will be on ground networking and meeting Kenyans living and working in the UAE. Sema Visiting Day nani?

They’ll be providing super easy peasy and reliable banking solutions. I doubt I’d need anyone to tell me twice because ‘home is best’, always. Trust our Diaspora products to deliver so you and your chumz are as close to home as possible. Here goes the team’s itinerary:



11th – Arrive in Dubai (Issa party!)

12th – Meeting with Kenyan Consulate

13th – Meeting with Enoc staff

14th – Meeting with All Kenyans and following up meeting with Emirates staff same day

15th – Meeting with Chamas (Any Kenyan living in Kenya gasping at this, shinda hapo, teren)

16th – Leave Dubai (this part breaks our (mine especially) hearts)



Save the dates guys! I’ll be a loose goose so feel free to find me and show me around. My days as an Instagram model are nigh so niko na checklist. We have to tour ile place inakuwanga na fountain mama yao.

Pia naeza penda sana a dinner cruise experience. The closest nishawai fanya ni ‘duf mpararo’ nikiwa na Patco kwa mdomo.



See you soon!



Over & Out,
Witty Banker


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