Women You Never Notice

8th Mar, 2018

Pull a seat for a second and let’s talk about the ladies we never notice.

We were having a little chit-chat in the office about the amazing women in this bank and beyond. Boy, aren’t we an oblivious bunch! We couldn’t possibly go over all the amazing women out there so we’ll highlight a few.

There’s a young girl out there who is giving it her all through uni and is prepping herself for the job hunt. Her head is in the right place and she will up that corporate ladder faster than you can say C14H9Cl5 in full!

There’s a woman out there taking the bold and daring step into entrepreneurship at a young age because she has it figured out; we’re not all on the same path. Atta girl!

Ooh,ooh and the one who has put raising her kids as a top priority? Cheers to you! They will turn out to be fine little (not-so-little) gems! That bold move will not go unpaid!

How about the working mom who is constantly being pressured into two things: when you’re at home; act like you don’t have a job; when you’re at work, act like you don’t have kids. We owe you an apology mama…

The truth is women are heroes without caps; unsung heroes; angels in human disguise!

If it takes March 8th to be appreciative of them; and cognizant of what it’s like to walk in their shoes (we mean the heels and flats alike, get it? No? OK.), then may every day be International Women’s Day.

Yaani, do not wait for a special day to appreciate the strong women in your life.

We’re not experts or anything here, but we sure know that your appreciation adds fuel to the fire that keeps them moving towards their ambitions and goals. Help nurture that girlie into the force she is destined to be.

If you are reading this and happen to be a women, Happy International Women’s Day!


Share this with a woman you truly appreciate and are proud of.


Just ask Beyonce said ‘who runs the world’.



Over & Out,

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